Schedule your lesson now and your game will be on it’s way to the dream goals you set out when you started swinging clubs. Holey Club is more than thrilled to be a nationally recognized PGA facility with lessons from the one and only Michel Painchaud. See his bio below!

AKA “Mich Pain”

Director of Golf

International PGA Professional who holds Class A distinction in Canada & America since 2009

2019 Connecticut PGA Teacher of the Year / TPI Certified / Launch Monitor Master / V1 Certified / American Developmental Model Certified


Mich Pain’s Canadian soul mixed with his love for diverse cultures makes him the perfect teacher, PGA Pro, and Director of Golf at Holey Club in Norwich. He can work with individuals regardless of physical ability, age, learning type, or experience. By utilizing the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) biomechanics based system in combination with the simulators, Mich can pinpoint areas of improvement and/or necessary adjustments for your equipment.

Our state of the art technologies allow us to capture club face and ball data; combining this with video footage allows Mich to analyze your swing in real time and provide precise instruction. Together you can create a program, then it’s time to get to work! You will have access to videos and personal feedback so you can track your progress.

Mich is a consummate professional and a wonderful human being. Book your appointment with him below!