Welcome to The Holey Club!

Holey ClubTM utilizes Foresight Sports technology to bring you an immersive experience unlike any you’ve had using a golf simulator before. The cutting edge trackers produced by Foresight allow for the smoothest transition on the market, with zero lag time between the player’s shot and the response from the software.

Since radar systems require data from the entire flight path of the ball, their accuracy indoors can be quite poor. The placement of the tracker also limits it’s orientation to the club face, which amounts to limited data. Thankfully, Foresight has left behind this older tech and helped take us all to the next level, opting for infrared and camera based trackers that produce near perfect accuracy in real time!

Don’t feel like hitting golf shots today? Slice got you down and out? You’re in luck. All members of Holey Club have access to the club during opening hours to enjoy the game or match on our “Club Side”! Equipped with 10+ TV’s, PS5, Golden Tee 3D Arcade Game, multiple streaming platforms, Ping Pong, ice buckets, couches & ample seating, the Club Side is the vibe you need!

Without a doubt the best place to watch the game in town! Stay tuned for events!

Memberships are available, click here for more info!

Unsure about Holey? Call or text (860) 938-2156 or book now for a free demonstration of the equipment and tour of our Club!

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Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Norwich!